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Attn Design department
Mr H Saaby

Geldrop, August 2 2012

Arend Jan van der Helm
Eikelaar 20
The Netherlands

Dear people of LEGO Harry Potter, Dear mister Henrik Saaby Clausen,

My name is Arend Jan van der Helm, I ‘am 10 years old and I live in Geldrop, The Netherlands.

I ‘am a very, very great fan of LEGO Harry Potter.

I know your name from the LEGO Harry Potter book, A world of magic.

Last week I told my mother:
“ I ‘am going to make a drawing for the developers of LEGO Harry Potter. Maybe when they see my drawing of a missing thing in the LEGO Harry Potter collection, they will create it and they will be very thankful to me I helped creating this item!”

What I miss in the LEGO Harry Potter collection is Hagrid on a motorcycle with sidecar and …………..

My drawing I also in this letter an I have created my own motorcycle with sidecar en I have made a photo of that. That is also in the letter.

If you want to know something please let me know by sending an e-mail or by letter.

I hope you will make these items.

Lots of greetings,

Arend Jan van der Helm
Eikelaar 20
The Netherlands

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